The Magic of Two

A History of Peak Education

Steve-and-DaltonRecognizing a deep concern for the betterment of low income students in Colorado Springs, Dr. H. Dalton Conner and Steven U. Mullens, established a scholarship program which has become Peak Education. Since 1998, Dalton and Steve have been committed to giving hope for a better future to promising students who otherwise may not attend college or even finish high school.

The first students targeted for Peak Education were 6th graders who had high academic potential but were attending low performing, struggling schools. Those selected were guaranteed college scholarships if they earned good grades and displayed positive behavior. Sixth grade students were recruited because the middle school years are the ‘fork in the road’ when rigor and academic preparation for college are critical.

However, it soon became evident that despite the good intentions of a scholarship program, students in generational poverty face overwhelming challenges hindering their ability to stay focused on academic and personal goals. Student retention and success require a more comprehensive model.

Now in its fifteenth year, Peak Education has developed a proven model of success built on four effective strategies—mentoring for college and career readiness, leadership development, community connection, and parental engagement. Multi-year, authentic experiences with these strategies have contributed to the success of

  • 95% of our Peak Education students graduating from high school in four years and
  • 93% of those graduates are pursuing higher education.

Students have more confidence in their abilities and a strong sense of hope for the future.