Dr. Chris Bell – Straight Talk

Middle School Monthly Meeting

December 9, 2013

Straight Talk

Dr Chris BellDr. Chris Bell – Professor of Communications at UCCS

Write a number from 1-5 to the following statements with 1 if you really agree and 5 if you really disagree

  1. I feel like I’m really even tempered and my moods don’t change much
  2. I feel really comfortable around other people and I’m outgoing
  3. I like meeting new people and feel like they are going to accept me
  4. I am confident and like trying new things
  5. I keep after a task and I don’t get frustrated
  6. I feel both physically and mentally healthy
  7. I feel like I’m independent and can take care of myself particularly in  social situation
  8. I feel like I take responsibility for my actions
  9. I feel good about taking credit for my own accomplishments

Total score (highest score 45 and lowest 9) and hang on and we will come back to it in the end keep it a secret

One rule – I won’t lie to you and you won’t lie to me

CMS 2I’m going to say things to you that many people won’t say to you – when I was in middle school I had a rough time and found that the easiest way to get through it was being a cool guy – if I can’t do it I was ‘above it’ so we are going to talk real

Truth – you are at a weird age and most adult have forgotten what that is like – it’s real to you – ‘don’t worry you will get through it’ – adults patronize you a lot – here is a true secret – middle school is the roughest time you will be going through – everyone wants you to feel bad about yourself or at least that what it feels like

Here is the deal and the truth – the way you feel about yourself in middle school dictates how you can be for the rest of your life.… Read the rest