About Us

“Peak Education helps students achieve more than they ever thought they could achieve.”
–Peak Education Scholar Thomas Gonzales.


Recognizing their deep concern for the betterment of low income students in the Colorado Springs school district Dr. H. Dalton Conner (internationally respected periodontitis) and Steven U. Mullens (attorney-at-law) established a scholarship program which was to become Peak Education. Since 1998 Dalton and Steve through Peak Education have been committed to giving hope and a better future to students who otherwise may not have been afforded the opportunity to attend college or even finish high school.

The first students targeted were 6th graders with academic potential from a school district with a high rate of at-risk students. Those selected were guaranteed college scholarships if they earned good grades and displayed positive behavior. Middle school was chosen as the age when students were recruited believing that

“Middle school is the ‘fork in the road’ in a child’s life, the time when academic planning, as well as rigor, for college preparation must begin”. Sallie Mae Fund report

However, it soon became evident that despite the good intentions of a scholarship program, students in generational poverty face overwhelming challenges hindering their ability to stay focused on academic and personal goals. Peak Education believes that student retention and success requires a comprehensive model that includes the involvement and mentoring of parents and/or guardians. Peak Education has developed a proven model of success built on mentoring, in-school and after-school programs, and life- enhancing experiences which help Peak Education students graduate from high school and pursue advanced degrees.

Our Mission

Helping promising students from lower-income families become successful.

Education level is the number one indicator of wealth in a community. As the wealth of a community rises, home values appreciate, crime is reduced and businesses flourish.

As a community, we all benefit when we commit time and resources to help at-risk youth to become self-sufficient and trained for the 21st century workforce.

Our Goals

To break the academic, social and cultural barriers to success.
To help students become self-determined, confident, autonomous, socially responsible and have a vision for their future.
To inspire students to become well-educated, self-fulfilled adults who enjoy their life work, are engaged citizens and give back to their community.
To become a model program and curriculum that helps other districts overcome similar barriers and become catalysts for positive change for their local communities.
To create a community of strong family networks and success oriented peers to foster an environment for students to achieve their vision.
To empower parents and guardians with the skills and confidence to be able to engage in the education of their children as advocates and encouragers.

The Plan

Expose students early to a wide range of science and technology fields through field trips and hands-on experiences.
Motivates students to take rigorous courses, achieve at high levels and begin planning their futures.
Increase student proficiency in math, science and reading.
Develop supportive partnerships with parents and families to assist their student in pursuing a college education in STEM disciplines.
Create partnerships with STEM industry leaders to provide internships, job shadowing, and college credit opportunities.


Please contact the Peak Education office to volunteer as a tutor or mentor in math, science or reading or to set up a field trip for students eager to learn about STEM careers.


Throughout the 11 years Peak Education has been a part of my family, I have benefited from opportunities I would never have had such as Outward Bound. I am so grateful to the Kane Family Foundation for removing the financial barrier to college. I will graduate this summer from UCCS with a degree in Engineering and look forward to working at Aeroflex Colorado Springs where I have been an intern for four years. I’ll keep an eye open for opportunities to help others as Peak Education has helped all the Scholars.

Jose Alvarez – 2011 College Graduate

My parents stopped going to school after 8th grade because they had to work. They are so proud of me working hard to go to college.

Solomon – Peak Education Student

I love these kids. It’s such a joy to hear about their passion in being the first in their family to go to college and to see how hard they are working.

Mary Lou – Volunteer

The most important thing to me is being set on the right path and help in getting ready for college. Peak Education keeps me motivated and focused. I will be the first in my family to graduate from college.

Kavada – Peak Education Student

Thank you to Peak Education for supporting me and my family when we first arrived in Colorado Springs. I would have been lost without the encouragement, tutoring and opportunities that Peak Education gave me. Peak Education helped prepare me for UCCS as the recipient of a full-ride scholarship.

Jesse – Peak Education Student

Peak Education helps us get ready for college and keeps us on track. I like that we can ask for help when we need it.

Dominick – Peak Education Student

I’ve never had so many opportunities. I even got to go to The Conservatory!

Marcus – Peak Education Student

Through Peak Education I have learned new things, have met new people and have done things I never thought I would do…like going to the top of Pikes Peak and camping. I like the volunteering experiences and also our visits to the Wolf Rescue Center in Woodland Park.

Porschae – Peak Education Student