One Student at a Time

The Front-cover-picx450mission of Peak Education is helping students access opportunities to create a new future. Since 1998, a community-based network of partners, alumni, volunteers, and sponsors have mentored students using four effective strategies, including College and Career Readiness, Leadership Development, Family Engagement, and Community Connection. Through life-enhancing experiences, students are motivated to graduate from high school within four years, enroll in and graduated from higher education programs, pursue fulfilling careers, and ultimately give back to the community.


Our students have amazing stories. They are achieving outstanding success despite the challenges they encounter.
To date:
 95% of Peak Education students graduate from high school in four years,
 93% of high school graduates enroll in higher degree pro-grams, and
 88% of our college students are either still attending or have graduated.


College students are now mentors, volunteers, and donors. They are serving as successful role models for their siblings and friends and passing along a culture of success.