College and Career Readiness

limary-fmailyx300>A strong college-going culture throughout a child’s school experience is a strong predictor of college success. Peak Education students are mentored over 10 years to help them maintain good grades, behavior and attendance, and a course of action to achieve their plan for success.

Mentors and students navigate together the unfamiliar processes of applying for college, scholarships, and financial aid. Monthly meetings focus attention on relevant topics related to colleges and careers. Students grow in Knowledge and experience throughout their time with Peak Education and are prepared to enter college with confidence and the ability to solve problems.

Looking Forward: In 2014, we will expand to include a focus on Career-Based Mentoring in collaboration with Teach for America and Harrison School District, developing values-based leadership for 9th and 10th grade students through community resources that expand future career opportunities and networks.

Leadership Development

middlebrooke-familyx300Beginning in 7th grade at the New Student Leadership Camp, Peak Education works with students and their parents to create a vision of success and set goals to achieve their vision. They are challenged throughout their years in Peak Education to make choices that are consistent with their goals. Students learn skills associated with assuming leadership roles in their schools, churches, synagogues, and in the community.

Looking Forward: We are collaborating with The Colorado Springs School and Atlas Preparatory School on a three-week summer workshop titled REACH for middle school students. REACH provides students with a challenging summer program emphasizing 21st century learning. In addition, Peak Education is working with Leadership Pikes Peak to provide our high school juniors and seniors with leadership skills, knowledge, and connections to get involved and make a difference within the community.

Family Engagement

reception-02Meaningful engagement of families in their child’s education is critical to their future success. Through Family Meetings, home visits, and many community service activities, we build critical relationships with our families, using a process based upon the Baltic proverb as described in the book Three Cups of Tea … “the first time you share team with a Baltic, you are a stranger, the second time you take tea, you are an honored guest; and the third time you share a cup of tea, you become family.”

Looking Forward: Building strong family support networks, parents and families can encourage other families to vecome more invested in their child’s education, creating a close knit powerful community. Peak Education seeks to strengthen Family Engagement beyond family meetings, home visits, and summer acgtivities by providing a ‘circle of families’ that support one another in building greater strength and self-sufficiency.

Community Connection

reception-03Volunteerism within the community builds self-esteem and worth and provides a vehicle for students to learn the value of giving back. Beginning in middle school and continuing throughout their time in Peak Education, students participate in helping others both in school and out of school.

Throughout the past year, 200+ students and family members helped maintain trails and in Cheyenne Canon, rehabilitate dogs at Mill Dog Rescue, and hiked Garden of the Gods while learning about the formations of the rocks with our Co-Founder, Dalton Conner.

Looking Forward:Peak Education will develop an intensive ‘rite of passage’ outdoor leadership experience for 10th grade students that will allow them to apply their skills and knowledge while learning important lessons about who they are and what they can become.

Our Mission

Helping promising students from lower-income families become successful.

Education level is the number one indicator of wealth in a community. As the wealth of a community rises, home values appreciate, crime is reduced and businesses flourish.

As a community, we all benefit when we commit time and resources to help at-risk youth to become self-sufficient and trained for the 21st century workforce.

Our Goals

To break the academic, social and cultural barriers to success.
To help students become self-determined, confident, autonomous, socially responsible and have a vision for their future.
To inspire students to become well-educated, self-fulfilled adults who enjoy their life work, are engaged citizens and give back to their community.
To become a model program and curriculum that helps other districts overcome similar barriers and become catalysts for positive change for their local communities.
To create a community of strong family networks and success oriented peers to foster an environment for students to achieve their vision.
To empower parents and guardians with the skills and confidence to be able to engage in the education of their children as advocates and encouragers.

The Plan

Expose students early to a wide range of science and technology fields through field trips and hands-on experiences.
Motivates students to take rigorous courses, achieve at high levels and begin planning their futures.
Increase student proficiency in math, science and reading.
Develop supportive partnerships with parents and families to assist their student in pursuing a college education in STEM disciplines.
Create partnerships with STEM industry leaders to provide internships, job shadowing, and college credit opportunities.

Please contact the Peak Education office to volunteer as a tutor or mentor in math, science or reading or to set up a field trip for students eager to learn about STEM careers.